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Robert E. Howard
Art Chronology

Created by Michael Tierney

Published by Chenault & Gray
under license by Heroic Signatures

Robert E. Howard, Conan, and other REH Properties are trademarks of Conan Properties International LLC,
Robert E Howard Properties LLC, and are used by permission.



Reviews from Amazon:

"Great item..." Five Stars

Five star review from the TLG website:

This is a magnificent set of books! What a masterful achievement!
This stands alongside Mike TIerney's equally incredible Edgar Rice Burroughs Art Chronology from a couple of years ago!
Absolutely comprehensive, providing images and discussion of REH's pulp work, hardback and paperback books and
comic book/strip appearances over the past 100 years!
Well written, visually exciting - and the production quality that Chenault & Gray have put into the books and slipcase is of the highest quality!
I cannot recommend this set highly enough! Looking forward to what Mike has up his sleeve next!

Reviews from the Kickstarter comments page:


"Truly beautiful books, as expected after the ERB set."

"They look spectacular and exceed my expectations ..."

Reviews from Facebook:

Brian Carroll
""...the books are brilliant. Love them."

Wes Miller
"Just an amazing set for an enthusiast. Phenomenal!"

July 4, 2023 Update!

Exactly three years ago from today, on Independence Day 2020, I signed the contract to create a Catalog Chronology of Robert E. Howard's work,
At the time I predicted that it would take me two years to create it, six months to build it, and another six for the publisher to get them printed.
Hit every marker on time.
I actually tried to complete it in a single year, but it was a good thing I did, otherwise I might never have achieved my original estimate.
Having already done the Edgar Rice Burroughs Art Chronology, I knew what I was taking on, but even after a lifetime of collecting REH material,
I never fully realize just how many publications have been based on what, tragically, was a relative short writing career of ten years.

So today I've finally finished the work, assembling my last sets that the publisher delivered yesterday.

I'd like to thank publisher Stephen Chenault and all of his fine crew at Chenault & Gray for now having done two of these Chronologies!
I've heard nothing but praise for the quality books they've delivered to customers.

I also want to thank Fredrik Malmberg, Jay Zetterberg, and Steve Booth at Heroic Signatures for both their permission and invaluable help.

Speaking of invaluable help, I'd also like to thank Roy Thomas for writing new introductions for each volumes and revealing lost artwork for the comic volumes,
and Rusty Burke and Gary Buckingham, who provided sharp eyes and editor's advise. The importance of Rusty's knowledge of Howard's amateur days cannot be understated.

But the people whom I absolutely could not have done this without is you, the reader.
I thank you for your interest, and hope you find the complex career of Robert E. Howard to be fascinating,
and you can return to these four volumes again and again, always finding something new that you missed before.
That's my goal.
Thank you for your support!
Michael Tierney--July 4, 2023

June 8, 2023 Update!

While there was a setback in the delivery of the slipcases because the printer made an error and is doing them again,
with delivery hopefully next week, I thought I'd share what the dust wrappers for the bonus set of Conan hardcover collections will look like.

April 30, 2023 Update!

I made the pilgrimage to visit the Howard Days event held annually at Robert E. Howard's old home in Cross Plains, Texas,
where I unveiled the recently printed Robert E. Howard 100 Year Catalog Art Chronology--minus the slipcases, which had not yet arrived.

Cross Plains was very welcoming to the many Howard fans who attended, and it was a wonderful event.

Rusty Burke, who was one of the editors on the REHAC Volume One: The Pulps, and President of the Robert E. Howard Foundation,
gave a bus tour though Howard's old stomping grounds, taking us down pothole-filled dirt roads and showing us empty fields
wherever Howard previously lived--always with the building gone and mesquite tree/shrubs growing in their place.

One stop was at a location featured prominently storywise in the movie about Howard, "The Whole Wide World," and a bridge where
he and Novalynn Price had a disagreement and she ran away. They didn't use the actual bridge in the movie, so here it is for you to see.
If you use your imagination, you can still see Novalynn running away in the shadows as a forlorn Howard watches.

When you visit the museum in Howard's old home, the first thing that gets impressed on you is how small it was, perhaps only 1,000 total square feet,
and the smallest room was Howard's bedroom/office. The furnishing you see are not Howard's actual typewriter and old trunk, but replicas provided
by donors.

The theme of Howard Days this year was the 100 Anniversary of Weird Tales, and, as you can see, there was cake. It was delicious!

So it was both an educational trip, and an effective one as the responses to the Chronology were overwhelmingly positive!
I had a wonderful time visiting Cross Plains and meeting so many other Howard fans I'd previously only known online!

April 9, 2023 Update!

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ran a nice article in today’s Easter Sunday newspaper about my recent publications.
Reporter Sean Clancy did a fantastic job!

March 13, 2023 Update!

The printed books are in!
They still need to be sized and have the custom slipcases manufactured,
but this is great news!

Here are some first looks at the books--still hot off the printing presses!

The leather editions will ship with the same dust jackets as the regular hardcovers,
but are shown without in order to reveal the wonderful gold foil stamped leather boards!

Also shown are the Hyborian Age endpaper maps placed at the front and back of every volume.

If you'd like more of a sneak peak, I'll be revealing these for the first time tonight on a podcast
to promote another Kickstarter project of mine, Sky Dance of Winter Fire

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

January 31, 2023 Update!

Here is a sneal peak at the full, wraparound covers, plus a bonus plate from Volume 4!

January 26, 2023 Update!

Turned in the print-ready files yesterday and the publisher has already delivered them to the printer!

Baring unforseen production problems, we're looking at a March delivery to Kickstarter supporters,
and an April release date to the public.

August 28, 2021 Update!

The Kickstarter was a huge success--acheiving every stretch goal but one!
The support from the fans and the retailing community were both phenominal!

Thank you!

REH kickstarter stetch rewards

August 23, 2021 Update!

As we enter the last week of the Kickstarter offering,
here's a sneak peak at another unedited page!
Did you know that Robert E. Howard,
creator of Conan the Barbarian and a whole Who's Who of macho heroes,
wrote a cat book?

REH Kickstarter

August 22, 2021 Update!

The Kickstarter continues blasting through the stretch goals!

Bonus levels continue to be unlocked!
Bonus loot now includes the illustration of Conan and Belit by Sara Frazetta,
and a new map of the Hyborian Age!

REH Kickstarter REH Kickstarter

August 10, 2021 Update!

Here's a sneak peak at the foil image for the leather covers.
The actual color of the leather is still being decided,
and the actual title is Dawn of the Age of Sword and Sorcery.

REHAC foil stamp

July 21, 2021 Update #3!

Creator Michael Tierney and editor Rusty Burke were guests of R.J. Carter on Critical Blast
and discussed the upcoming Robert E. Howard Chronology for nearly two hours!

July 21, 2021 Update #2!

Well ... that was quick!
The Kickstarter just launched and we've already doubled up the goal.
So it is now official ... this Chronology is happening!

Thank you to everyone who pledged your support!

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology -- Kicktraq Mini

July 21, 2021 Update!

Today is the Kickstarter launch for the Robert E. Howard Art Chronology
and early bird pledgers get a host of bonus materail!
All the details are HERE!

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Want a glimpse of what inside each book?

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology REH Chronology REH Chronology REH Chronology REH Chronology REH Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

The small press and fanzines will also be covered in this volume.

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art Chronology Robert E. Howard Art ChronologyRobert E. Howard Art Chronology

Conan's UK adventures will be included in this volume.

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

So join us as we take an artistic journey through the works of Robert E. Howard,
going from this ...

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

... to this!

Robert E. Howard Art Chronology

Preview excerpt from Volume 4 that connects to the illustration above:

Also shown here is an interior page from issue #4, showing how the artwork of Barry Smith (who
had not yet added his middle name of Windsor) was presented. Not only does Smith tell enough
story in one page that would fill five today, seeing his inked work presented in this manner is
something U.S. fans only see in expensive art books. While this art book experience is still
available at affordable prices--the shipping however, is not. The black-and-white artwork from
these 18 issues is a trade paperback collection waiting to happen.

Sara Frazetta

July 14, 2021 Update!

Chenault & Gray have set up a pre-launch page for the upcoming Kickstarter that goes live on July 27.
Sign up there to be the first notified and become eligible for early bird bonuses!

Also, today it was announced that Sara Frazetta, uber-illustrator extraordanair Frank Frazetta's
granddaughter, has agreed to create an exclusive pen-and-ink illustration of Conan and Belit!

Everyone involved is thrilled to welcome Sara to the project!
She sent along this sample of her work to share.

Sara is also one of the owners and founders of,
where the family promotes the rich legacy of their grandfather!

Clink THIS LINK or the image below to access the pre-launch Kickstarter page:

October 26, 2020 Update!

Here is a sneak preview of a few raw, unedited pages from Volume One: The Pulps of next year's Robert E Howard Art Chronology.

Howard created some of the all time great heroes of powerful action and heroic deeds, and you'll see a few of them featured here.
What follows is but the briefest taste of what lies in store for readers.

We'll start with his entry into Ghost Stories--a tale that for decades went unidentified as being by Howard.

Robert E Howard Art Chronology preview Robert E. Howard Chronology

The puritan Soloman Kane roamed the world on a quest to rid it of evil:

Robert E. Howard Chronology

In Howard's onlly Conan novel, the barbarian king of Aquilonia meets his future queen, Zenobia, when she saves his life in one of many Conan covers by artist Margaret Brundage.

Robert E. Howard Chronology

Sailor Steve Costigan was featured in more stories by Howard than any other character, shown here in this never before reproduced image from Fight Stories.

Robert E. Howard Chronology

A boxing enthusist himself, Howard created many tales about the fine art of pugilism.

Robert E. Howard Chronology

Another of Howard's populat characters was the he-man of the mountains, Breckenridge Elkins, whose stories were infused with equal doses of wild action and wild humor.

Robert E Howard Art Chronology preview

"The contracts between the Conan Properties and Robert E Howard Properties, and publisher Chenault & Gray
were finalized over the Independence Day weekend.

"So it is now official!

"My Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology is about to have a brother!"

Michael Tierney--July 5, 2020

All images and text are © 1984-2017 Michael Tierney.
Wild Stars ® is a Registered Trademark of Michael Tierney
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