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What are the WILD STARS?

The Wild Stars are a series of comic books created, written, rendered,
sometimes illustrated, and once even printed
by Michael Tierney,
first published in 1984.
But the whole publishing history and the story behind the story began long before that.

What is the concept of the WILD STARS?

Seventy-Five-Thousand Years ago, mankind first migrated into
space and colonized the planets circling the brightest stars in the night sky,
creating the region of space known as the Wild Stars.

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The Wild Stars are where stories of UFOs and legends of Space Gods come from.
The decendants of those deep space explorers have returned many times over the ages.
Now... their war with a genocidal enemy has followed them back to Earth...

To discover more, read on...


The complete comic book novel took 20 years to tell, and in 2004 all three Volumes of the comic book series and the Wild Stars portfolio from 1985 were combined into the trade paperback:
Wild Stars: The Book of Circles


In Spring 2009, the
Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated hardcover was released.
This 25th Anniversary edition combines the 2004 graphic novel with new material, previously unpublished Wild Stars comic pages, plus several other new features.

But the story of the Wild Stars began before even the comic books.
The full history of the Wild Stars goes all the way back to the early Seventies!

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All images and text are 1984-2014 by Michael Tierney.
Wild Stars is a Trademark TM of Michael Tierney
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