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Wild Stars II preview banner
michaelphoto1 by Michael Tierney


"First, we kill him. Then we destroy his whole world and kill any memory of him."

With the opening line of Force Majeure, the Artomiques announce their plans for revenge against the Wild Stars clone known as First Marker, and the world as we know it. Their intention is to recover the time travel device lost at the end of Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated, and use it to recreate the alternate reality of the Artomiques.

But the Artomiques have been betrayed by their alien allies, the wolf-like Brothan and the Wild Stars traitor, Carthage, who have attacked a Wild Stars enclave hidden in the southern city of Argenta, kidnapping First Marker's infant daughter and using the device to escape into time.

What would you do if, after searching a Billion Years in a single day, you discovered that the future survival of Earth depends upon abandoning your daughter to her fate at the hands of sadistic enemies?

Dire Grief

Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure is a fast-paced space opera that voyages from the dawn of life on Earth to a distant planet where dragon vampires evolve into something far more fearsome. Even the horror of Nazi Zombies from the past and future pales in comparison to the terror of the Dire Griefs.

Witness a Marzanti spaceship too large to enter a solar system and their spawn, which once nearly destroyed the Earth, headed our way again.

Space Shark

Wonder if anyone will live to tell of the return of Zarawti, the Wild Stars engineered space shark from Volume 1, whose name translates as "Eater of Ships" and has never left a survivor.

Created, Written and Rendered by Michael Tierney, the new sequel to the Wild Stars Volume 1 graphic novel is a novel with graphics. Wild Stars II: Force Majeure is an 83,000 novel wrapped around 38 pages of comics pencilled by Armando Gil, with 50 'flashback' illustrations by Dave Simons.

"Wild Stars: Force Majeure ... delivers staggeringly new SF concepts. Innovative ... epic ... brilliant ... WILD STARS and WILD STARS: FORCE MAJEURE forms a standout work of science fiction that takes a new ... perspective on nearly everything it introduces."

review by

"Excellent ... this one will not disappoint."

review on

Space Wheel

What is Force Majeure?

In legal contracts, Force Majeure is a void clause for events deemed to be an "Act of God." A personal connection to the term not discovered until after Force Majeure: Prairie Bay was published in 2002, is that in Ireland claims of Force Majeure are filed on the second floor of the Michael Tierney building in Country Cork. During the potato famine, my great great grandfather sailed from County Cork to America in a dinghy.

How many acts of Force Majeure are there in this book? Hint: don't use their instances as a drinking game. If you're a fast reader, you won't be by the end of the book.

Sapce Exodus Hopper crash

The lost child.

Even if the threats to Earth are ignored, can the lost child of First Marker, also named Mark Mackavicka, and Akara of the Wild Stars even be recovered alive? Chances are she can't, but what parent wouldn't take that chance?

Matters become even more complicated for the child called Atlanta as she is caught between the triple terrors. The Wild Stars traitor, Carthage, has been transformed into an undying monstrosity by a Saturnian, killer of Thirteen Billion earthmen. And, leading masses of feral Brothan is Gugalann, six-armed child of the Brothan God, who is determined to conquer Earth and rename it after himself. Gugalann has also secured the technology of the Wild Stars and begun building his Fearnaughts.

Then there's the problem of the Space Pirates, who have aligned themselves with Gugalann, and too many other dangers to all be listed here.

A matter of time.

If all the above were not complication enough, the greatest danger is playing with time. Daestar, a survivor from a Wild Stars world previously destroyed by the Brothan, delivers a warning from the Wild Stars founder, the Ancient Warrior, about changing the course of time:

"Don't do it. And don't let anyone else do it."

A time travel device is the ultimate instance of Force Majeure.

Atlanta walk

A matter of timing!

June 19, 2015 Addendum:

A couple of weeks ago I watched a Blue Ray movie from Netflix, and was surprised to see scenes right out of Force Majeure shown on the screen.

I immediately checked the release date for Interstellar and saw that it premeired at theaters four months after the release of Wild Stars 2: Force Majuere, and chalked it up as bizarre conincidence.

Then readers started commenting about how they'd just seen Interstellar, and the scene where a time traveling spaceship dodges a gigantic tidal wave just before setting down on a flooded coastal plain looked exactly like an early scene from the chapter Cambrian Explosion.

Another similarity they noticed was the importance of Black Holes, although the film addresses them in a completely different manner.

And lastly, there's a scene near the end of the movie set within an inside-out space ship. The art shown (far above) of the Pellucidar-like interior of a spaceship in Force Majeure was drawn by Armando Gil way back in 2002.

That's the problem about having a story that takes a while to see print. Sometimes others will eventually do something similar. Fortunately, I felt the need to push the book to release for the 30th Anniversary of Wild Stars (see below).

But you know, from this point on, most science-fiction fans will see Interstellar before they read my book, so I thought it best to set the record straight. There's no way that either Interstellar or myself knew what the other was doing. But I point out:

Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure made it to market first!

Addendum to the Addendum:

In typical Hollywood Bang-Bang fashion, the June 9, 2015 release of Jurassic World featured a reptilian monster with chameleon abilities similar to the Dire Grief in my 2002 Force Majuere: Prairie Bay comic book, which forms the core of Wild Stars 2: Force Majuere.

The Dire Grief concept made it to market a good 13 years earlier.

2017 Addendum to the Addendum:

Marzanti spike Three years after Wild Stars II was published, it was another case of life imitating art when an extraterrtrial object passed through our solar system. Scientists evaluated that this cylindrical object contained alien water within its core, bascially decribing the Marzanti spike from the novel. In the Wild Stars, a Marzanti spike is an alien device used as a first step of colonization by crashing it into a planet's oceans and adapting their biology to that planet.

Mars rover picture The reason I said this was another case of life imitating art is because a similar thing happened once before with Wild Stars II: Force Majuere.

Force Majuere: Prairie Bay #1 is a comic reprinted in Wild Stars II: Force Majuere, and first published in 2002. In it I introduced the then controversial idea that Mars might contain water. Years later, in 2011, a Mars probe sent back the picture on the right showing water gysers exploding on Mars. What makes this picture even more unique is that the gyser openings in the photo are almost an exact match to those on the 2002 cover! Compare it to the upper left inset on the advertisement shown in the next section, and you'll see what I mean.

I made another water-based speculation in Wild Stars II, where deep space travelers were sheilded from radiation by traveling in ice ships. Winston Churchhill made similar plans to use icey Pykrete to build a northern fleet of super-aircraft carriers right before WWII ended. Recent discoveriees have shown water to be readily available in space. So time will tell on this one.
Amaranth Wild Stars II

2021 Addendum to the Addendum:

Another piece of my science fiction is now becoming science fact.
In the Wild Stars: Force Majeure comic I populated a spaceship with scientists who
all had lower limb disabilities. It seemed like a logical opportunity to me, given that the muscle
atrophy problems associated with spaceflight would not affect them.

Now, nearly 20 years later, the European Space Agency seems to have agreed, and is trying to do the same thing:

Force Majeure: Prairie Bay

2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the first Wild Stars publication.

To celebrate, in August 2014 the Volume 2 and new paperback and hardcover editions of Volume 1 were released locally and worldwide through

They are also available nationwide through your favorite comic book store:
Wild Stars Diamond ad - February 2015

Ask your local comics retailer to order a copy today!

To buy on Amazon, click any of the images above or these links to buy either the hardcover, or the Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated trade paperback or Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure.

All three editions are availble now, locally at either Collector's Edition in North Little Rock,
or at The Comic Book Store in Little Rock.

For the 2019 35th Anniverary Edition of the Wild Stars, a new edition was released as part of
a matching set with the latest release of Wild Stars 4: Wild Stars Rising!

Wild Stars 2 35th Anniversary Edition

Mary Tierney painting

For other preview material, you might like the page dedicated to the
impressive oil paintings by Mary Tierney. In the trade paperback they
are reproduced in black & white. They can be seen in their glorious
full color only in the original comics and the new 35th Anniversary
Hardcover edition
of Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated.

Wild Stars navigational chart:

Wild Stars History

Multiversal Scribe magazine


Under The Wild Stars novel

New Millennium

Wild Stars Volume 2

Production Notes

Mary Tierney painting

Vol. 1 Preview



Wild Stars vol. 2 #1


Wild Stars: The Book of Circles - Recalbirated - 25th Anniversary Edition

Chief Press

Mary Tierney Paintings

Free Preview Issue

Publishing History

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