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mantastrip1 mantastrip2 mantastrip3 Manta Ray - Flower Gardens, Gulf of Mexico 2000 dutchwestindies From Arkansas to the Dutch West Indies 2007 miscstrip1 miscstrip2 miscstrip3 miscstrip4 All words and images © Copyright 2009-2012 by
Michael Tierney Manta Ray


Swimming in liquid topaz
Swimming in Liquid Topaz by Michael Tierney

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean, Gulf, Antilles, Bahamas, and other exotic locales!

I've added this section to try and dispell a common misconception about the comic book industry.

Comic Book Store owners always get a bad rap, as the public perception is that we're all like the rude, Simpson's Comic Book Store Guy, sitting and surrounded by nothing but food and big stacks of Super-Hero comics.

Like a Super-Hero, my other hobbies involve a mask and breathing apparatus, specialized training that includes rescue, dangerous activities and encounters with deadly animals, plus travel around the world to exotic locations, including a trip down the road to a lost civilization.

These are the incredible, but true adventures of a masked Comic Book Store Guy.

Michael in Grand Caymen

Yankee Clipper

Dive Log 3: The British West Indies continued
Maryeau: Wreck of the Purina
Petite Saint Vincent
Callicois: Sandy Island Reef Wall

Spotted Moray Eel

Dive Log 4:
Blackbeard's Cruise: The Bahamas
Bimini -- June 20, 1999
Piquet's Rock
Moray Alley
Bimini Strip
Bimini Strip: Night Dive

Bimini Strip 4

Dive Log 5:
Blackbeard's Cruise: The Bahamas
Gingerbread Ground -- June 21, 1999
J.D.'s Hill
Dark Star
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese: Night Dive

Swiss Cheese 3

Dive Log 6:
Blackbeard's Cruise: The Bahamas
Grand Bahama Island -- June 22, 1999
Theo's Wreck
Lucaya Caves
Shark Alley

Shark Alley 5

Dive Log 7:
Blackbeard's Cruise: The Bahamas
Bimini Chain -- June 23, 1999
Half-Pipe Reef
Tuna Alley
Bull Run
Wrecks of the Rita and the Miami: Night Dive

Tuna Alley 7

Dive Log 8:
Blackbeard's Cruise: The Bahamas
Bimini Chain -- June 24, 1999
Nodules Reef Wall -- Drift Dive
Victory Reef
Wreck of the Sapona
Bimini Road (to Atlantis)/Gun Key

Sapona 3

Dive Log 9:
April 2000 CBLDF Cruise: Caba San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta
Gulf of Mexico: Flower Gardens, West Bank -- July 2000
Flower Gardens: East Bank, Stetson Bank/Galveston 393B Oil Rig Platform
The Most Dangerous Photo I've Ever Taken

Manta Ray 11

Dive Log 10:
Grand Bahama Island -- August, 2000
The Dolphin Experince
Shark Junction: Shark Feeding Frenzy
Jose's Wreck

Shark Dive 1

Dive Log 11:
Greater Antilles -- Dutch West Indies -- February 5, 2007
Saint Martins: 1st Dive
Saint Martins: 2nd Dive

Saint Martins 1st Dive 3

Dive Log 12:
Dutch West Indies continued -- February 6, 2007
Nevis: Flower Garden Gulf
Nevis: Hurricane Reef
Nevis: Brimstone Hill Fortress

Nevis 4
St. Kitts 14
Saint Barts 11

big shark cartoon

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