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Manta Ray - Flower Gardens, Gulf of Mexico 2000.
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The cover for Young Tarzan and the Mysterous She is Copyright 2019 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

The covers for the Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology are Copyright 2018 Edgar Rice Burroughs, inc.

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Weekly online comic strip Adventures!

Beyond the Farthest Star -- Year Two

BTFS Year Two header

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Beyond the Farthest Star Ace 1st Beyond the Farthest Star Ace 2nd

Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs:

The final Burroughs Blue Book story was Beyond the Farthest Star, run in the January 1942 issue, again without cover art, but with an interior illustration by Grattan Condon. Originally intended as the first segment of a novel, like Tarzan and the Champion, it would also later be compiled with other stories in 1964 in Tales of Three Planets. Written while living in Honolulu and serving as a war correspondent during World War II, this tale was opened as a war story when an aviator was blasted out of the sky by a synchronicity of explosions that flung him beyond the farthest star. It also employed a device most likely borrowed from the unfinished Ghostly Script, with the story being told by the touch of a ghostly hand upon the keys of Burroughs' typewriter.

Text and images from Volume Two of The Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology.

Beyond the Farthest Star

Michael art by J. Huddleston

Scripts, Colors, and Letters by Michael Tierney:

Michael Tierney has over 1,000 published works of fiction and non-fiction. His most notable non-fiction work was the highly-acclaimed Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology. The fiction work he is best known for is his long-running science fiction opera: Wild Stars--which consists of novels, portfolios, and comic books. One of those comics he not only wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered, but also printed in his garage. It was the first comic to be foil stamped and have a die-cut cover, and remains the only comic to ever have a die-cut back cover. With Beyond the Farthest Star he accomplishes a personal first. This is his debut as a colorist.

Michael has also been known to wear a mask while traveling abroad -- as a master certificed scuba diver who hunts sharks with a camera.

John Lucas

Pencils and Inks by John Lucas:

John Lucas is made entirely of popcorn and Caro syrup. It defies biology and common sense and has baffled the great minds of our times. Sadly, the judgements of such big-brained muckity-mucks come at no small cost. So, John must toil away for the few odd coins a cartoonist's life will afford, that he may remain free of the chains of the debtors prison.

John's work has appeared in funny books published by D.C., Marvel, Darkhorse, AdHouse, Image, Top Cow, Insight, 1First and BOOM!. If you don't believe it, look it up.

BTFS t-shirt3


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Year One Teaser Images -- Weeks 1 through 52!

This year adapts Edgar Rice Burroughs' original story of "Beyond the Farthest Star"

Beyond the Farthest Star

Year Two Teaser Images -- Weeks 53 through 100!

This year adapts Edgar Rice Burroughs' sequel; "The Return of Tangor"

Episode Fifty-Three Teaser Image!

March 7, 2020
With Balzo Maro gone, and Harkas Yamoda confined to isolation in the hospital,
Tangor needs to find someone new for feminine companionship.

It doesn't take him long.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Fifty-Four Teaser Image!

March 14, 2020
Tangor learns that his new girlfriend, Morga Sagra, has some decidedly different views
about the never-ending war between Unis and Kapara.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Fifty-Five Teaser Image!

March 21, 2020
Tangor takes Morga Sagra for a romantic evening stroll.
When she leans to whisper into his ear... what could go wrong?
Hold on! What did she suggest?

Beyond the Farthest Star Teaser

Episode Fifty-Six Teaser Image!

March 28, 2020
Tangor confesses that Morga Sagra wants him to defect to Kapara.
The War Commissioner has an idea about how to turn this into an opportunity.

Beyond the Farthest Star Teaser

Episode Fifty-Seven Teaser Image!

April 4, 2020
In Step One of becoming a secret agent,
Tangor seduces the spy sent to seduce him.

Beyond the Farthest Star Teaser

Episode Fifty-Eight Teaser Image!

April 11, 2020
In Step Two of becoming a secret agent, Tangor says farewell to all his friends,
which is difficult since he can't tell them where he's going or why he's leaving.

Beyond the Farthest Star Teaser

Episode Fifty-Nine Teaser Image!

April 18, 2020
In Step Three of becoming a secret agent, Tangor prepares to embark on his mission,
but the spy recruiting him is concerned about his recent behavior.
Can he convince her to move forward with their plans to fly away?

BTFS teaser

Episode Sixty Teaser Image!

April 25, 2020
Tangor's mission begins with a night flight to another continent.
Is that a blank sheet of paper that Morga Sagra is waving as credentials?

BTFS teaser
BTFS teaser

Episode Sixty-One Teaser Image!

May 2, 2020
Tangor and Morga Sagra continue their world tour as they take the long way around,
with Egris, the capitol of the Kaparan empire as their destination.

BTFS teaser

Episode Sixty-Two Teaser Image!

May 9, 2020
Finally arriving at the Capitol of Kapara,
Tangor and Sagra are taken by the secret police to meet their Chief.
Masquerading as Korvan Don, can Tangor fool the most dangerous man in Kapara?

BTFS teaser

Episode Sixty-Three Teaser Image!

May 16, 2020
As you can tell by the teaser below, it's the end of the line for Tangor.
This whole series has been a morality tale about how you can only push danger so far...
...and I'm getting a call from Jim at ERB, Inc. Hope he likes the conclusion!

Ummm... it looks like Beyond the Farthest Star has been renewed for two more years!
Join us next week for the Even Newer Adventures of Claws DeClamp--the lost years.
Wait... No... Can't do that... Claws was the sushi in episode 54. Ummm...

BTFS teaser


Episode Sixty-Four Teaser Images!

May 23, 2020
Ordered to be executed immediately, things look grim for Tangor.
Can Morga Sagra possibly convince the Zabo Chief to reconsider?

BTFS teaser
BTFS teaser

Episode Sixty-Five Teaser Image!

May 30, 2020
Tangor may have avoided his execution...
But being locked in prison by the secret police may only be a temporary reprieve.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser
Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Sixty-Six Teaser Image!

June 6, 2020
The Zabo finally release Tangor and Sagra from prison...
but what the secret police have in store next is even worse.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Sixty-Seven Teaser Image!

June 13, 2020
The horror stories Tangor had heard about the Kapar's labor camps are true.
Can he locate a Unisan spy named Handon Gar?

And why are the guards paying special attention to him?

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Sixty-Eight Teaser Image!

June 20, 2020
The spy Handon Gar finds Tangor first...
and he doesn't trust a stranger who looks a lot like a Kapar.

Will Tangor pass Handon Gar's test?

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Sixty-Nine Teaser Image!

June 27, 2020
Handon Gar reveals his plans for an escape attempt...
and he wants Tangor to join him.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Seventy Teaser Image!

July 4, 2020
Tangor's new friends are shocked when he gets a visitor.
It seems that Morga Sagra has smoothed things over with the Zabo...
...and she wants to know any secrets Tangor might have learned.

Episode Seventy-one Teaser Image!

July 11, 2020
Sagra has an order for Tangor's release,
which looks very suspicious to his fellow inmate.

BTFS teaser
BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-two Teaser Image!

July 18, 2020
Tangor is interrogated once again.

BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-three Teaser Image!

July 25, 2020
Tangor and and Sagra have become very popular in the Kapar capital.
Then a Zabo agent brings Tangor a summons.

BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-four Teaser Image!

August 1, 2020
Tangor meets the most powerful man in all of Kapara.

BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-five Teaser Image!

August 8, 2020
During his visit with the Kapar ruler,
Tangor reveals some personal information that draws a reaction
of respect and admiration.

BTFS teaser
BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-six Teaser Image!

August 15, 2020
Tangor (disguised as Korvan Don) continues to work the party circuit with Morga Sagra.

BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-seven Teaser Image!

August 22, 2020
Tangor worries that he may have pushed too hard with his social inquiries about a power amplifier,
when the Zabo show up i the middle of the night to drag him back in for another interrogation.

BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-eight Teaser Image!

August 29, 2020
To avoid another trip into the Zabo's prison system,
Tangor does some more fast talking.

BTFS teaser

Episode Seventy-nine Teaser Image!

September 5, 2020
The Zabo may have allowed Tangor to walk free,
but he doesn't seem to be walking around too freely.

BTFS teaser

Episode Eighty Teaser Image!

September 12, 2020
A social dinner with friends is disrupted when another recent acquaintance,
the Wends, become embroiled in a family drama.

BTFS teaser

Episode Eighty-one Teaser Image!

September 19, 2020
Tangor has become comfortable in his ability to avoid detection by the Zabo.
Sagra feels differently.

BTFS teaser
BTFS teaser

Episode Eighty-two Teaser Image!

September 26, 2020
Tangor thinks having his home ransaked is bad.
He's about to find out just how bad things can get in Kapara.

Beyond the Farthest Star

Episode Eighty-three Teaser Image!

October 3, 2020
The story get brutal, as Zabo Chief Gurrul reads his poetry to a captive audience.
You did catch the part about these being teasers .. right?
Double teaser alert!
If you want the real story, you have to subscribe!

Beyond the Farthest Star

Episode Eighty-four Teaser Image!

October 10, 2020
Nobody likes a critic, and Tangor passing out to Gurrul's peotry recital is a strong reaction.
Tangor is headed for the chopping block when his house servant shows up with a revelation:
Gurrul's poetry really is that bad!

Beyond the Farthest Star

Episode Eighty-five Teaser Image!

October 17, 2020
Embarrassed to learn that he's a terrible poet, Gurrul swears Tangor to silence.

Beyond the Farthest Star

Episode Eighty-six Teaser Image!

October 24, 2020
Tangor finally recovers enough from his ride with the Zabo to leave the hospital...
only to discover a pair of military men waiting to take him for another ride.

BTFS teaser

Episode Eighty-seven Teaser Image!

October 31, 2020
Called once more into an audience with the Pom Da, ruler of Kapara...
Tangor is given the very task he came to uncover.

BTFS teaser

Episode Eighty-eight Teaser Image!

November 7, 2020
Tangor learns that the power amplifier's inventor, Hortahl Wend, was betrayed...
by his own son, Gyl... who is now spying on Tangor!

BTFS teaser

Episode Eighty-nine Teaser Image!

November 14, 2020
Tangor's test flight with the new power amplifier is an unqualified success.
Then his former house servant arrives with disturbing news.

BTFS teaser

Episode Ninety Teaser Image!

November 21, 2020
This episode is filled with shockers... and not just the death of Morga Sagra.
What major secret will Lotar Canl reveal?
And... what's in the box?

BTFS teaser

Episode Ninety-one Teaser Image!

November 28, 2020
Tangor and Lotar Canl destoy everything they can to keep the Kapars from building another power amplifier.
But will they be able to escape alive with the one he already built?

BTFS teaser
BTFS teaser

Episode Ninety-two Teaser Image!

December 5, 2020
Tangor's plane is now faster than anything in the sky.
But he doesn't return to a hero's welcome.
What happened?
You'll have to subscribe to find that out!

BTFS teaser

Swords of Mars Swords of Mars

Episode Ninety-three Teaser Image!

December 12, 2020
Still recovering from the traumatic injuries of his mission, alone and ostracized...
Tangor begins having strange dreams... and sees a face not his own in the mirror.

And you guessed it... that's the face of a young Edgar Rice Burroughs!
Since his first appearance on the Blue Book cover and in the header for Swords of Mars...
which had two very different interpretations of the same scene by different artists...
ERB has appeared many times in comics, cartoons, and film.

This is his first interplanetary appearance!

BTFS teaser

Episode Ninety-four Teaser Image!

December 19, 2020
Tangor gets his new assignment from the War Commissioner.
His next test flight will be to... another planet!

BTFS teaser

Episode Ninety-five Teaser Image!

December 26, 2020
Handon Gar, last seen as a prisoner in the Kapar death camp, makes his return.
He's got some bad news for Tangor.

BTFS teaser

Episode Ninety-six Teaser Image!

January 2, 2021
Tangor finally gets his happy reunion with the Harkas family.
Meanwhile, my habit of featuring the art with pencils and inks by John Lucas,
and colors by me--unimpeded by text--has the scripter and letterer (both also me)
complaining about how their work keeps getting replaced by imaginary teasers stories,
because, as we all know, the actual comic scripts are biographical :)

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Ninety-seven Teaser Image!

January 9, 2021
To the surprise of only Tangor,
Harkas Yamoda reveals her true feelings for him.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Ninety-eight Teaser Image!

January 16, 2021
Edgar Rice Burroughs makes his first full appearance,
as his connection to Tangor finally begins to be revealed!

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode Ninety-nine Teaser Image!

January 23, 2021
For weeks Tangor's dreams have been filled with the memories
of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Now the tables turn.

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Episode One Hundred Teaser Image!

January 23, 2021
Handon Gar shows up, ready to join Tangor on his space flight.

A hesitant Tangor, who was determined to go alone,
has to reconsider his stance based on who is asking Gar to go with him.

This concludes the adaptation of The Return of Tangor!
Up next: To the Nearest Planet!

That's the good news. Now the bad.
This was penciler and inker John Lucas' last episode.
So Beyond the Farthest Star will be going on hiatus until a new artist is found
and can build a sufficient backlog in order to maintain the weekly schedule.

ERB, Inc. has reiterated their enthusiasm for the strip, and I already have the
next 30 episodes written.
So rest assured that Beyond the Farthest Star will return soon!

Beyond the Farthest Star teaser

Year One Teaser Images -- Weeks 1 through 52!

This year adapts Edgar Rice Burroughs' original story of "Beyond the Farthest Star"

Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Star

Beyond the Farthest Star Michael's Ad 4


Three different Beyond the Farthest Star T-shirts
are available in both black & white,
plus a variety of sizes for both men and women.
BTFS t-shirt BTFS t-shirt BTFS t-shirt3

Virgin cover art for the British Tandem edition of Beyond the Farthest Star provided by Jim Burns,
who confirmed with ERB-Superfan Laurence Dunn that he was the previously unknown artist for this edition.
Thanks, Jim!
Thanks, Laurence!
Beyond the Farthest Star by Jim Burns
Joe Jusko's trading card artwork from the 1994 FPG trading card set
based on the workds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and illustrating a
scene from Beyond the Farthest Star.

Jusko Beyond the Farthest Star trading card art

Other Edgar Rice Burroughs-related material by Michael Tierney:

Young Tarzan
For more details click the picture above or this link.

It's an old question of: Who you would visit from the past if you could?
Take that question a step further and ask if you could collaborate with literary giants on their greatest creation, who and what would it be?

Here's Michael Tierney's answer: Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She.
Released March 2019 in Cirsova Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense.

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