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Wild Stars 35th Anniversary celebration!

Wild Stars cirsova 35th edition

Cirsova publisher "Alex" P. Alexander (left) and Wild Stars creator Michael Tierney (right)
reveal the proof editions of the Wild Stars 35th Anniversary set.
Below, Alex shows examples of how this series mixes novels with comics and prolific illustrations.

Wild Stars cirsova 35th edition Wild Stars cirsova 35th edition

And here is the massive, 720 page hardcover omnibus,
towering like a monolith over the softcover set.
The Wild Stars Vol. 2 #1 from 1988 is shown with them for scale.

Wild Stars 35th Anniversary omnibus Wild Stars 35th Anniversary omnibus

The Wild Stars have received many accolades from reviewers: with "Beautiful... Tremendous... Superior... treasure... Super cool...
engaging... crackling... intelligent... satisfying... compelling... epic... Innovative... brilliant... Excellent... heroic...
game-changing... the gold standard... will put hair on your chest... incredible... almost incomparable"

being some of the highest praise (see the review page for links to the full reviews).

But the review that describes the Wild Stars best comes from Brian Neimeir,
who described the stories as: "Fun."

For the reader to have fun reading these stories is the ultimate goal.

With having fun in mind, 35th Anniversary cover artist Mark Wheatley shares his own
Wild Spoof of his cover for Wild Stars Book 2: Force Majeure.

Featured on the real cover (shown at the bottom of the page) is Bully Bravo,
who later advances his career to become the first Native America President of the United States,
and is described as being a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt.
Here's Mark's alternate version of Wild Stars 2, with Teddy in Bully's place!

Teddy Roosevelt versus the Dinosaurs

And... while we're kidding around...

A Neil Gaiman endorsement is a surefire way to generate excitement about a new book release.
Lacking that, I wonder how much interest might be generated by a Neil Gaiman photobomb of
Cirsova publisher "Alex" P. Alexander and myself revealing the Wild Stars proofs?
Obviously this is a time-traveling Neil Gaiman from twenty years ago,
photobombing via a photoshop of a picture we had taken then.

Wild Stars 35th reveal spoof

Here is the original photo from the first and last Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Cruise.
That's Sandman artist P. Craig Russell signaling behind my head that comic retailers are Number One!
Now it's my turn to have fun with this photo.

Michael, Gaiman, and Russell

For more FUN in the Wild Stars, enjoy the following article:

wild sharks

Wild Sharks of the Wild Stars!
It's Shark Week in the Wild Stars!

There have been many shark encounters over the first 35 years of the Wild Stars!
Click on the image above to learn the story behind Anton Oxenuk's back cover for the Wild Stars Omnibus hardcover.

For more information and adventures in the Wild Stars
visit the Wild Stars 4 Preview!

Join the Wild Stars
35th Anniversary celebration!

Full wraparound art by Mark Wheatley for all four volumes shown below.

cirsova wraparound cover 1 cirsova wraparound cover 2 cirsova wraparound cover 3 cirsova wraparound cover 4

Here's what those four back covers look like when combined.
Click on any of these covers to got to the pre-publcation sales site,
which also includes the following:

cirsova group shot back covers

Virgin Art for the Wild Stars Omnibus First Edition hardcover

Wild Stars Omnibus
Wild Stars 4 shipping Wild Stars 4 shipping

Wild Stars 4 and the 35th Anniversary set of Wild Stars are shipping preorders now!
The dust jacket art for the 726 page Omnibus hardcovers that contains all four volumes is shown above.

Wild Stars 4

Pre-release sale at Collector's Edition and The Comic Book Store
on Saturday, September 28th!

The rest of the world has to wait until October.

THANKS to everyone who came out to make the pre-release sales a HUGE SUCCESS!

Whenever you're in Central Arkansas, you can still pick up copies at either
Collector's Edition or the Comic Book Store.
Wild Stars creator Michael Tierney is usually at one store or the other,
and is happy to sign and personalize your copies at no charge!

Michael Tierney signing Wild Stars

If you can't make it to Arkansas, the Wild Stars are available online at multple outlets.
Clicking the images below will take you to Amazon:

cirsova wraparound cover 1 cirsova wraparound cover 2 cirsova wraparound cover 3 cirsova wraparound cover 4

The Wild Stars 35th Anniversary Omnibus hardcover is available for order on Lulu.
This 726-page, 8 1/2" x 11" hardcover features an incredible wraparound cover by Anton Oxenuk,
and contains everything from the entire 35 year history of the Wild Stars!

Wild Stars Omnibus
All images and text are 1984-2018 Michael Tierney.
Wild Stars is a Registered Trademark of Michael Tierney
Little Rocket Publications TM is a Trademark of Tierney Incorporated