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Edgar Rice Burroughs/P. J. Monahan Art Gallery

In his day and age, P. J. Monahan was THE artist for Edgar Rice Burroughs.

From the teen years to the early twenties of the 20th Century, Monahan's artwork graced the pulp covers featuring the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs more than any other artist.

He was the equivalent of Frank Frazetta at the time, and his Tarzan was the definitive vision -- receding hairline and all.

Here's are some sneak peak images from the ERB Art Chronology: Volume One chapter which focuses on Monahan's art:

P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork P. J. Monahan artwork

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ERBAC v1 wraparound cover
ERB Art Chonology V2 wraparound cover.
ERB Chronology V4

Tarzan Large Feature #5 Tarzan Single Series #20

I've started a new section on the History of Comics. For the initial overview of how comics are made, start here.

Tarzan of the Apes is the first subject. Tarzan is a character who has been an integral part of the comics industry since the very beginning of the artform.

Click here for the full history of Tarzan of the Comics!

Tarzan sharkfighter

Tarzan's birthright isn't the only thing British about him. Tarzan comics have a very long publishing history in the foreign language known as the King's English. Explore here:

Funnnies #36 Marvel Conan #1
Tarzan wasn't the first creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Before the apeman, he created the greatest swordsman on two worlds:
John Carter of Mars!

True adventures of a masked Comic Book Store Guy:

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Swimming in liquid topaz

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