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Swimming in liquid topaz

Dive Log 12:
Dutch West Indies continued -- February 6, 2007
Nevis: Flower Garden Gulf
Nevis: Hurricane Reef
Nevis: Brimstone Hill Fortress

Nevis: Flower Garden Gulf

The first dive of the day was a short one to a depth of 65 feet. Again, there weren't a lot of fish, but there was a lot of bleaching of the corals.

Nevis 1 Nevis 2 Nevis 3 Nevis 4 Nevis 5 Nevis 6 Nevis 7

Nevis: Hurricane Reef

The second dive off Nevis was even more shallow, spending only 38 minutes at a depth of 50 feet. It was much like the first dive.

Nevis 8 Nevis 9 Nevis 10 Nevis 11 Nevis 12 Nevis 13

Nevis: Brimstone Hill Fortress

After the diving, I joined the other divers and their spouses for a visit to Nevis, and took the long drive down the Island Main Road, which took us to the limestone cliffs, and another road that took us to the top of the island and the ancient Brimstone Hill Fortress.

Contructed of volcanic rock, this fortress was the site where 1,000 British soldiers and escaped slaves valiantly fought off 8,000 French invaders for an entire month, before surrendering.

Touring the fortress and all of it's ramparts, it was easy to see how and why the fortress itself was never stormed.

This side excursion also gave me a chance to get a shot that had eluded me on all my previous trips. Many of the Caribbean islands have colonies of monkeys, but they always scamper away before you can get a good picture. They're elusive like coral eels. But this time I got a full body, though out of focus, shot just before the last one scampered down the cliff face. Everyone else came running up a few seconds too late.

February 07 vacation 6 February 07 vacation 7 February 07 vacation 8

Exploration and adventures to places not accessable by the big cruise boats are a couple of good reasons why I took another Windjammer Cruise, which makes me officially an "Old Salt" by their definition of repeat travelers.

And the sunsets on these remote islands are incredible.

February 07 vacation 9>

Dive Log 13:
Dutch West Indies continued
Saint Kitts: 2 Dives -- February 7, 2007
Statia -- February 8, 2007

St. Kitts 14

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