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Collector's Edition

3217 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
North Little Rock, AR 72116
Store hours: Monday through Saturday 10 to 6

Email us at:

Collector's Edition


Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure Wild Stars: The Book of Circles - Recalibrated 30th Anniversary Edition

The release of Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the first publication of Wild Stars!

The sequel to the graphic novel is a new 83,000 word novel wrapped around 38 pages of comics,
including the 2002 Prairie Bay comic book with new pages, along with 50 "flashback" illustrations.

Released at the same time is the first trade paperback edition of
the 2009 Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated,
that collects the first 25 years of comic books, in a matching, uniform package.

To buy either book on Amazon, click either of the images above or these links to buy Wild Stars: The Book of Circles -- Recalibrated and Wild Stars 2: Force Majeure.

Wild Stars: TBOC - Recalibrated 25th Anniversary Edition Also still available is the soon to be Out-Of-Print 2009 25th Anniversary hardcover edition of the Book of Cicles hardcover. One fan thought so highly of it, he's reselling his copy on Amazon for $200, plus shipping! (Click this link to see!) While for some reason Amazon is not showing this edition in their searhes, the 2009 hardcover can be found by simply clicking the image to the left, or click on this link. But hurry, it will soon be replaced by the 2014 30th Anniversary hardcover, which will feature color pages on the interior for the first time, restoring the color originally presented on the outside and inside covers for the Volume 3 comics! All three books are also available locally at either Collector's Edition or The Comic Book Store, where you can ask about getting your copy signed. Every copy of anything Wild Stars signed this year will include a 30th Anniversary Stamp!
Wild Stars 30th Anniversary<div align=

This stamp will be discontinued at the end of the year!

Established in 1982 at the dawn of the Direct Market for the comics industry, Collector's Edition represents what is known as a First Generation Store, and is located in the building that housed the very first McDonalds restaurant opened in the state.

JFK gutted JFK renovated
Owner Michael Tierney jokes that; "I'm probably the only guy in America who's ever bought a McDonalds, then gutted it and turned it into a book store. But if I'd named it McComics, I'd bet that I'd had a lawsuit on my hands."

Destination Comics watchman banner</div>
Along with Michael's second store, The Comic Book Store in Little Rock, Collector's Edition was a Destination Comics! feature location in issue #1664 (April 2010) of the Comics Buyer's Guide magazine. Collector's Edition first opened in North Little Rock, Arkansas, in September of 1982, moving to the current JFK address in January of 1992.
proto-graphic novels

Store owner and founder, Michael Tierney, is an Overstreet Price Guide Advisor and also a Trendwatcher for The Comic Buyer's Guide, was a finalist for the 1987 Star*Reach Retailer of the Year Award, and the 1999 Will Eisner's Spirit of the Comics Retailer of the Year Award, and also contributed to the birth of the graphic novel, by offering proto-type graphic novels for sale at Collector's Edition before the publishers would even consider doing so. For more details on the history of all this, see the Bonus section.

CBG issue #1604, May 2005
high profile

Michael was also featured in a 2005 Comics Buyer's Guide article about comics retailing, and again in 2009 the High Profile section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper, in an article that focussed as much on his publishing (see the Wild Stars History) as on the stores.

The Comics Buyer's Guide issue #1604, May 2005 shown left, and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper, Sunday August 9, 2009, shown right.

Unique Neigborhoods of Central Arkansas 2012

Collector's Edition was also featured with a full page photo in the Arkansas Time's April 2012 release of "Unique Neighborhoods of Central Arkansas" hardcover book (Shown left).

Nate Powell Signing April  2012 Nate Powell Signing April  2012 Eisner Winner Nate Powell (shown left during his April 2012 signing at The Comic Book Store) relates his autobiographical experience of first encountering Collector's Edition through a phonebook ad in his 2011 Graphic Novel "Any Empire" (shown right). Click on the image to view a larger resolution file.

Collector's Edition carries 3200 square feet of new comics, featuring DC and Marvel, plus a special emphasis on independent publishers, graphic novels, and what's been described by out of state customers as; "One of the largest selections of back issue comics in the country."

For information on what's being released new each week, sales, signings, and other events, check out the what's new page.

Store hours: Monday through Saturday 10 to 6

Collector's Edition
3217 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
North Little Rock, AR 72116

Email us at:

How to find us:

JFK Blvd. and Hwy 107 are one and the same road, being a main corridor through the city, that starts at the intersection of I-30 and I-40. Located a few blocks off that intersection, Collector's Edition is at the top of Historic Park Hill and at the very center of the map of Arkansas.

If you're headed in either direction on I-40, take they Hwy 107 North Exit, and then turn North.

If you're crossing the Arkansas River on the I-30 bridge, headed North, stay in the middle lane and go left when it splits, as if you're going to I-40 West. Before you get there the road splits again, and this time stay right and take the Highyway 107 North Exit, then turn right to the North.

If you find yourself on Main Street, then you went South. Turn back around, and the road name will change to JFK Blvd. once you pass over the highway bridge.

For those taking the Central Arkansas Transportation (CAT) bus, they do make a stop at our front door.
Store Map
Bradford Pears Panorama JFK Blvd
Bradford Pears Panorama -- This picture, taken in Spring from the front door of Collector's Edition, is of the Park Hill Baptist Church parking lot directly across the divided highway of JFK Boulevard.

Halloween on the Hill 2012 Halloween on the Hill 2012

Halloween on the Hill 2012

After many years as an annual event, the final Halloween on the Hill, sponsored by Historic Park Hill retailers like Collector's Edition on J.F.K. Blvd. in North Little Rock, once again drew record crowds. The store was surrounded by blue police lights as local and state police provided security for trick'or'treater crowds in excess of Six Thousand, all of them amped up on sugar! Unfortunately, HotH was a victim of its own success, and grew too large for many of the other Park Hill businesses to continue to support. Should have known the event was in trouble when the kid in the death mask showed up in so many pictures, looking right at the camera. We will miss giving comic books and candy to all the wonderful trick'or'treaters who visited us over the years!
Halloween on the Hill 2012 Halloween on the Hill 2012 sunset Halloween on the Hill 2012 sunset Halloween on the Hill 2012 sunset
As they were every year, the comics were a HUGE HIT!

Halloween on the Hill - 2010

Batgirl at 2014 FCBD 501st Stormtroopers at 2014 FCBD Thanks to everyone who made our 2014 Free Comic Book Day the best ever! Special thanks go to the 501st, whom everyone had a great time meeting, and hauled away that rebel agitator named Luke Sky-something. A great time was had by all!
501st Stormtroopers